Till There Was You (Completed)

Just a short & sweet Valentine's Day story. Meet James Montoya. For the first time in his life, he is in love. She's the one, and James just knows it. It's Valentine's Day, and he is dead set on finally telling her how he feels. James isn't the most romantic guy in the world - you know, that guy whom all the hopeless romantics dream of - but that doesn't stop him from trying his hardest to be. Follow James as he tries to tell the girl he truly loves those special three words. [Extremely Rough Draft] READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. This was the first story I ever wrote so you were warned.
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LOL :D seriously, his puppy dog face is probably my favorite detail in this story AHAHAHAHA,
@veradis There's really no need to say that love, I'd love to see more of your work and even better if published. Keep it up :)
@veradis Then you're lucky to know someone like that! :) So.. are you the girl? haha
Why i was so looking forword to it dang it please right another part were he fimds another person to love cause its sad
I like how this wasn't cliche. Even though you predicted a happy ending I like how it caught you by surprise. :) you better be writing more soon ;)
Awwww that sucks ;n; poor james, i really hope that she changes her mind..plzz upload soon xD

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