Un-Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and Noah Jensen has a mad crush on Cassie Ames, a woman who desperately hates the Hallmark holiday. Even worse, she doesn't see him as boyfriend material. Can Noah get Cassie to see him as a man or will he be relegated to the dreaded friend zone forever?
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Ermergerd can I put that on a t-shirt with grumpy cat complaining about Valentines Day?
Woah. I was correct. Pffft. Friendzoned? That's sad. The harsh reality of life. The "FRIENDZONED".
I got a feeling that this Noah guy likes Cassie? Huh? Oh well....I must find out! To the next chapter!
ahh ... i didnt know what doesnt mean but  im sure that is the happily ever ... :)
Aww go-karting, eating lunch at a race track then was it paintballing, that lucky girl that sounds like an awesome date :( i wanna go
Finished reading whole story, enjoyed it. Nicely written and a cute story. It is  fast moving a flow very well. Keep the good work.

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