The Reaper's Keeper (UNEDITED)

I always thought that when you die that would be the end and you would see a bright light and the pearly gates on a little white fluffy cloud, if you were lucky. But what if death was not the end, but only the beginning? What if you came back, but came back ... different... wrong? What if you found out that there was a whole other world out there, hidden just under your nose, and that other world doesn't want to stay hidden anymore? Violet Spenser is about to discover that life after death isn't all that its made up to be, but maybe with someone special it could get there.
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I pray for the families of those who lost someone too early... I can't even describe how sad i am from just reading that..... *walks away crying*
Oh I'm so sorry to hear that.. But is lovely that you have dedicated this story to those who die young.. Looking forward to reading your story :-) xx
OMFG the intro almost broke my heart.        -_-        Love the book. Great idea, wish I'd thought of it.
I love your story. is there going to he more. does he live do they get back together??? please keep writing.
i love this A/N...

my friend wanted to get married, but she died at 19 car accident, & i always remember her... thank you!
I like where this is going, but for the future you might want to look up some popular toys and phrases from that time period.

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