Spoof Series 2: Harry Potter

Just another Harry Potter spoof thing...
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I can't believe I read this and appreciate it, even though I am a Harry Potter fan...voted!
Haha that was funny. I especially like the part at the end when Haary mentions the "stuff" he smoked. Lol!
Lol. That was a little unexpected. haha. but pretty funny. :) Loved it. Totally decreases stress. :D
Okay, that was interesting again. :) Doctor? i thought that the wizarding world had Healers! :)
Okay, that was funny! But you might want to leave spaces in between your dialogue because it gets confusing. ;)
I really hate harry potter (Well I don't hate it but it bores me...) so yeah, I find this zoo freakin' funny. I love spoofs(:

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