Already Dead (a Supernatural fan fiction)

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mymakototachibana By mymakototachibana Updated 3 years ago
Miranda Collins can't help but think how much her life sucks. Considering that a homicidal ghost is trying to get her and having the devil on her back? It's not really normal. But Sam and Dean Winchester couldn't disagree more. Being caught up in the middle isn't fun, and Sam and Dean can relate.
Isie98 Isie98 3 years ago
Read it again! love the story, please update soon. :) Lots of Love- Isie98
Isie98 Isie98 3 years ago
This is...AMAZING! please update soon, I'm going insane just trying to figure out what will happen next! This is one of the best fan fictions I've read on SPN! Great job! I loves this story!
SuperWhoAreYou SuperWhoAreYou 3 years ago
Thank you for the dedication!!! And.... Oh My Dear Lord, I love your writing. It's insanely good and sooo captivating. I recon you write the guys perfectly and just.... lost for words it's stunning :)
AzzaBby AzzaBby 3 years ago
@madmadi007 I agree, this is the best one I've read, as well. Love the way it is written, and love the plot. It's different, it's intriguing, and it's VERY Supernatural. :)
SuperWhoAreYou SuperWhoAreYou 3 years ago
Amazing! This is THEE best Supernatural fanfic I've actually ever read (I haven't read that many, but none of them are near as good as yours so I can make a harsh and dramatic judgement) :P I hope you put more up, It's a stunner and your writting is amazing :)