Crossing Over

Zoey and her boyfriend Jimmy used to have it all. They were in love, they had a great relationship and great lives. But then Jimmy died and Zoey's world fell into pieces. She decides she must see him again and makes the life altering decision to cross over to the Halfway World, where she finds that their being together won't be so simple. Soon they're on the run from forces that Zoey's suddenly not sure their unbreakable love can withstand.
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there's a giant gap at the end 0_o I had to scroll forever to get to the comments :'D Great plot and characters :)
A really interesting plot, and well-written. Her feelings were described really well, and I'm voting for that.:)
It was short, but really meaningful and sad. Beautifully written, with clear details, and it surely made me sad about Zoey. Great job :)
wow this is an amazing intro/ first chapter! i like the last sentence~ quite great
I really love how creative this is. I'm wondering what inspired you? 
You write amazingly well by the way :)
Good description this chapter or prologue could be longer or tied in with chapter 1

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