The death of Griffin (BoyxBoy) (COMPLETE)

Bad things happen to everyone. Sometimes they happen when you 3 and sometimes they happen when your 97. But the world isn't perfect. Griffin learned this at the age of 9. Something bad happened to Griffin but no one knows what. Cutting help's him cope but its starting to wear him down. After attempting suicide, only to be saved by his brother Tyler, and His parents death almost a year before, He can't take it anymore. But then he meets Evan, and everything changes. And not every change is good.
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Poor Griffin! I want want to hug him and promise him everything will be okay <3 I'm captivated....
It's really interesting...I wonder who is "Him". But makes me sort of fear to know it..
I LOVE THIS WHOLE BOOK!!!! :'( WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE OVER???!!!!! I cant wait to read the 2nd one.
I like the start and the characters :)...aaaand I am going to read the next chapter, so yeah, I like it :)
Nooooo man this is a trigger book for me, but its just so good i can't stop reading it!
Oh god he's going to try an kill himself isn't he?As soon as Mary said that I was like 'oh hell'

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