Marauder Love

Her mum hates her and she gets bullied. All she has is the marauders to watch her back. But when two bestfriends fall in love, will it work out? But James has always loved Lily? hasnt he? But when he meets Rhi.. He cant even take his eyes of her.
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Not really a HP fan but I liked it despite the fact. The characters and emotions were described well.
Wow. I really like all your details and descriptions.
Even though I don't really like fan fiction....I happen to really like this one! :)
@RhiannonKellie ah..well i feel stupid now...didnt put two and two together :) im trying to get through the next chapter, but im a slow reader on the computer
@RhiannonKellie Now that you have explained it, I feel a little bit better about this story.
Tiny errors, but it's cool. I love your perspective, this is  a really enjoyable book :)
A few grammar errors, but the idea of the story is good. I like how it's set back in the marauders time

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