The lonely call

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LoganLaboube By LoganLaboube Updated 3 years ago
Maddie is living in 2014, and every one is gone, earth is now free of all humanity, accept for Maddie, she survived and now is the last one on earth... But then she starts receiving letters from someone, but how could this be happening?
DeborahMitton DeborahMitton 3 years ago
Hi..I like your writing style ...where is the rest of your story.  Who gave her the rose.
PeregrinTook PeregrinTook 3 years ago
this was last updated on my birthday. 
This story was meant for me. Oh yeah;D
MystieMcGothic MystieMcGothic 3 years ago
btw...I Am Legend is one of my favorite movies {still doesn't top my horror movies}
CRT_hater777 CRT_hater777 3 years ago
it is good in the morning....unless your in prison.
"Today is the first day of repenting for your sin of the rest of your life."
Hate to wake up to that
samjie156 samjie156 3 years ago
@LoganLaboube  You´re welcome . That happens , but always try to get a little time to write :) .Your writing posesses future.
samjie156 samjie156 3 years ago
I´m intrigued by the beginning of this story . Keep uploading more of it , Logan .