Innocent Desire

(Re - edited) Haven who thinks she is an ordinary girl is not so ordinary at all. Once she meets the guy who moves in next door her entire life changes. She's taken on an adventure that is purely dominated on her dreams and abilities that she will soon discover. She not only falls in love with this “next door guy" but also enters into a world parallel to hers. One hidden secret of Tenace Colby also gets uncovered at the end of the book that will also blow your minds, so be prepared for an adventure of your life time, facing the worst enemies and entering into the world of Royalties. Uncover your Desire’s that are addictively very innocent… Innocent Desire…. Watch the trailer :D
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nice plot and starting also.. your first chapter made me curious to read more. amazing start, keep it up :D
I feel like the way the characters talk doesn't flow well, but the story description has me hooked!
AAAh! I watched the trailer! It was sooo interesting! Loved it! Can't wait to keep reading!
@PrinceSsDhistiDesai DAMNNN that was a giid trailer i really lik foward to reading this amazing book
Heaven What so Heaven.

When this book gets out, Sell me in Free ;)
Muy buena historia..
Sigue así
like the idea of the roof thing. it was damn nice :P 
you could just sit there on the roof and have peace all to yourself.. hehe

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