Wattpad Blunders!

INTERVIEWS WITH THE STARS! This is just a rant and a HOW TO guide on all things Wattpad. If you are easily offended please don't read because I hate it when people say that I'm offending people's feeling or something because I didn't make you read this.. You chose to yourself. Anyway just read it.
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awesome! I agree with everything u say! and guilty on the slow updates! I just dont seem to have time
Lol, this is fuckin spectacular! I especially love your use of the word 'anywhore' XD
I loved #4, every time I read "tittle" I laughed out loud. Haha I just hope I'm not laughing at the one I do...
totally victim of 4, all my characters have no parents or they are never there!! :(
I'm guilty of 1 for lots of my stories because I get so wrapped up in like, 6 all atthe same time...
My writing life is tough XDDD
1- Guilty, I haven't uploaded anything for at least a month or two...
2,3, and 4- I HATE that!

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