A Dangerous Love

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Peaches By Peaches Completed
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Peaches Johnson is a young beautiful girl who's enjoying life to its fullest as a young single black woman. But she's only 24 so what’s the rush in being tied down…Peaches love her life she works, goes to school and has four amazing best friends…as well as her head buddies. Don’t take it as if she’s a hoe…Peaches is from far that in fact she’s still a virgin even so that don’t stop her from getting head when she pleases. Head is Head nothing more nothing less even with an over protective brother who would kill any dude that comes near baby sis. But that don’t stop her as long as she gets to squirt she’s fine.

But how long will it last when she meets…Him!

Blaze Carter (30) biggest drug dealer in Moon Stone, Indiana. He just got out on a two year bid for murder… Two years for killing not one but six people but what would you expect when he have a team of police, judges and lawyers on your pay roll? But is he willing to give up his game once he meets Peaches?

Probably Not…

Read the drama, lies, heartbreak, hate maybe even ‘Love’ Peaches faces once she met Him…
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that's bogus I don't give a fuck if a female beat yo ass don't Eva hit her like dafuq
no she just pulled a trigger aiming at your face ....of course she tried to shoot u 
Well damnnnnnnnnn *craig and smoky voices* I'm used to books starting off as sum like my name is this and I'm from that or sum but this is the first that's not lol okay then
do king and ebony have  a story? their  names  sound familiar
smfh why she letting niggas give her head but she claim she ain't a thot
Fseee calls him daddy then proceeds to tell him she will cut his  off