Life on Earth (My Poetry)

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DaydreamerXx By DaydreamerXx Updated a year ago
Poems about life on earth x
Himedal Himedal 3 years ago
Hello there. Thank you for the submission. This is a very well written free verse and I should say the subject is very familiar and relative to all writers. we all can relate to it. You have done great my friend.

Good luck.
angeldreamer angeldreamer 3 years ago
"A whole little world trapped inside of my head,
For my eyes only"
- perfect!! i love how relate-able this is =)
Nevnev11 Nevnev11 3 years ago
@DaydreamerXx No problem! I always love to stumble upon good poetry :P
MusicIsMySoul MusicIsMySoul 3 years ago
Its really good (: Im sorry I cant give you hints or tips, im terrible at poetry but this seems to be very well written (: I like the world you describe lol =] *voted*