A school boy decides to face his fear of heights by climbing onto the roof of a nearby abandoned building. One which has been sealed from the outside world for years and contains a terrible secret...
I can't believe I've overlooked this gem for so long!  I think this piece, with its simplicity and innocence of being seen through the eyes of a child, is my favorite work of yours. I could see this idea being successfully expanded.
I shouldn't have read this before going to sleep. Haha. But it was definitely chilling. Good work. (:
Good story but I didn't like it as much as hour other stories I don't know why exactly but I just didn't 
And I agree TheMadMack there are some mistakes but I can't exactly point them out 
But anyway I really love the way you write but this one had a lot of back story...if you call it that...
@MichaelWhitehouse6 I'm delighted you enjoyed the comment! I enjoyed your story!

And yes, I will send you some edit suggestions sometime today. Happy writing!