For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. 
    But flowers can't survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out...
I just bought the actual book in target and had to check you out❤️
Omg! I read this at the start of last year and I loved it so much!! Now I just found your published book someone had pinned on '10 must reads' on Pinterest!! I didn't realise it was published until now! I got so excited for you honestly you deserve everything you get you earned it!! X
I read this book a long time ago and I've reread it so many times and I saw it at Books A Million and I freaked out! It was shocking because I did not know it was being published and I got excited for you and the entire wattpad community.  It was amazing and I will buy the paperback version soon❤
And why is it called the cellar when it's not rely a "cellar "
I don't mean to sound horrible , the storyline is great however the ending could have done with a but improving , I mean I would love to know what happens next  for All I know u could be making another chapter but plz read this comment
I'm re reading this one then starting the book book that I bought