For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. 

But flowers can't survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out...
I love how there is directioners in almost every book I read. I love our fandom. P.s warning there are some rude asś carrots up there. So careful.
19arsjol 19arsjol 8 days ago
sorry dude but you can't really heal or clean a cut properly with grem x and a tissue. :/ Its kinda common sence.
19arsjol 19arsjol 8 days ago
that one smosh video..."Always trust a man in a big white van!"
19arsjol 19arsjol 8 days ago
now all we need a scary dude to pop out of know where and give her a warning.
JewelDickinson JewelDickinson 9 days ago
That is funny I noticed that to idk if she did or if we spell it wrong () 
Milaa1994 Milaa1994 10 days ago
This is great so far, but damn if it doesn't make me that much more paranoid!!! Haha