Deathly Contract (On Hold)

Jade was a normal high school senior girl, with a mundane life. She was pleased with what she had, even if it was not perfect. A fall, and a pair of red scissor later caused Jade to sign away her life to death. Not realizing her mistake, her life is thrown into the world of misery, death and dying. She must overcome the death that once was so close to taking her own life and start taking others. ******** No bigger than a regular kitchen knife, laid a dagger on my desk. A snake coiled around the blood red handle. The sharp silver end glared back at me. On the back of the blade was something that weird me out the most. My name, Jade Arethusa
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i really like the poem at the top! i dont really like the rest of it for content but your writing was very good!
I love it! It's really well written and grabs your attention from the beginning :)
This is great, I gotta ask why did you need to give yourself permission to use your own work?  

Very well written and I love ( hate) the cliffhanger. Hehe.
I think that this is very well written and the introduction is great, it really catches your attention. I'm definitely going to read on =D
I agree with @RecklessAndRandom! It's very well written, and the fact that you ended on a cliffhanger really makes me want to just keep reading.
loved your start. very original and unique. Your really talented and should write more! will keep reading! voted! loved it!

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