Kidnapped (ray ray love story)

I have moved 8 times in 1 year, I am now sort of bullied by a group of fucking cheerleaders that aren't even all that, I meet this boy named ray ray that claims to be from mindless behavior but I don't know who t'f that is. But as I get to know ray I soon find out that ray...... Kidnapped me.
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Ray, why you gotta be so damn creepy. I still love you though.  More, Update, Please! 
CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE,I really like the beginning of this story and been waiting a long time for one -Almalinda ❤✨
NOOOOO i was really gettin into this damn story ughh (btw i L.O.V.E the story so far) but update pleaseeeee °innocent smile°
I would jus lie and say i had a next phone with me like a "Dad" phone or something xD
Oh hells naw. I woulda dipper as soon as I saw tht. Y he want her to stay tho, he got a gf let her come.
DUH!!! I dont own this.accont anymore this is my new one!!! I forgot my password to this one so

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