He's the Macho Mafia Man and I'm the soon-to-be BRIDE?!!!!!

What happens when you find out that you are being forced to get married? That your Dad had gambled and couldnt pay up, and the only way to save his life is to marry the Mafia bastard's son? What happens when she, and others have to fight for her life as well? Well, here is Annabelle's story, as she is taken on a wild and crazy journey that will leave her confused, hurt, and breathless...
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Wow at the start I was like her dads a fkn man whore!! Lol but I do love my stories with a hot Marfia guy since bad boys are always the hottest!! XD
i agree with aleenaxx lol it's a pity her comment got reported...lol maybe i'm too violent but someone would've had to have been knocked out b4 i calm down
lol and the sexy guy is the shitheads son and they are meeting, then getting married and all that love  upload asap cuz its really good
I think your story was excellent! but i think you need to make the dude really cute

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