The Dragon Oracles. Part One: The Call of the Crown.

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The Call of the Crown tells the tale of three mismatched teenagers, a mysterious wise man, his giant friend, and two old soldiers. Together, the six begin a journey across their homeland to attend a once a decade celebration in the country's capital. Not long into their journey, a chance encounter with a group of northerners leads to a frightening discovery.
Can our friends reach help in time to prevent a war, or will the witch's henchmen find them first?

The Call of the Crown is an Old-school fantasy, with interesting races, a large cast of characters, evil baddies, magical forces, and, of course, dragons. Inspired by the works of Tolkien and Jordan, this book will appeal to anyone who loves old fashion Epic Fantasy.
This story already sounds very...hmmm, what's the word i'm looking for? it's just a lotof words that I don't understand. Sorry but I cannot read this because most of the words, I don't know.
I'm a bit confused what just happened. But I won't give up; I'll keep reading before I go around judging
Very epic book,try to publish it in real life trust me you have too
Tell me I wasn't the only one who read this as "Salarians" and thought of Mass Effect xD
I'm a bit late to this one, but I think the first chapter certainly sets the stage for an epic story. At the moment I feel like I've dropped into the story a bit too far along, but hopefully the following chapters will bring me up to speed.
haha just write a chapta and say forget you guys I wrote it dats how its gonna be DEAL XP