The Love Curse

I can't kiss the boy I love because if I kiss him I'll lose him forever. Sixteen-year-old Rachel Reeds is terrified of falling in love. Inside of Rachel is the magic of Cupids arrow, with that, the ability to take the will of any man she kisses. When her world collides with the handsome and mysterious Benjamin Blake, Rachel's fear becomes a reality---she's falling in love. To keep him from her love-curse Rachel distances herself and struggles to resist her growing fascination. Will she withstand the temptation of a first kiss or will she lose Ben forever?
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I love this book so much. This should be published! and I love the ending! I recommended this to my friends now. You should write more. You are great :) Really.
I love the proper grammar and that you don't have lots of little spelling errors like some books on this site. (: Awesome
the story has no words to describe. well, the song in the video was enchanted by taylor swift, right???
Awesome story. But I would like to know, for the video description what song was that. Plus please check out my book torn between love
i love it you know you are my teacher i speak spanish but with u I learning thanks
Okay I stutter all the time and get on people's nerves, but I just tell them screw you

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