The Love Curse

I can't kiss the boy I love. If I kiss him I'll lose him forever. Rachel Reeds has the ability to make any man she kisses fall in love with her─head over heels, completely, irrevocably, obsessed love. The last thing she wants is someone to love her because she forced them with her "ability." She wants them to love her because they want to. So when she starts to fall for Benjamin Blake, she distances herself. But as circumstances beyond her control bring them closer, the desire to be with him tears her apart. Will she resist the pull of a first kiss, or will she lose Ben forever?
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She's just a barrel of fun isn't she men? I mean if you go for jumping of buildings against your will, yeah?
Marissa is kinda I bitch in my eyes tbh (but bitches getting rejected makes the story fun so yay)
I have changee my mind. I hare Marissa. sorry if your name is Marissa and you are not in this story...
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 v,    v,cvn .    nc, x VB.      
,CXC. ,m n v , d,'' ) fnibb big.
. To "pat" Marissa in the face!!
With a Lego. 

I thought it was this one and it was the house. I know cause she hailed a taxi after... hu. oh well. I'm already on chapter... like five? idk

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