You're a Wizard, Justin: Round Two

Justin Bieber goes to Hogwarts.
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So he's a wizard who lives in district 12 and is Percy Jackson's half brother. What's next? He marries Renesme from Twilight?!
Ok what's up with Percy Jackson? Were you reading Percy Jackson and think "Oh I might as well add this to my story."?
"If you combine Snape and Apple you get Snapple." hahah....snape screwing an apple. Where do you come up with this?? aahahaha:))))
HILARIOUS! I ♥ dis! I h8 Justin Bieber, n i nva rd the 1st book, but i luv dis!
I hope this is a joke!  You cannot contaminate the magical world of Harry Potter with Justin Bieber!  It goes against all the laws of nature!
Woo hoo!! Everythings more interesting w/ Percy Jackson!!!! If this story could get any awesomer... 

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