Spray Painted Bananas

Spray Painted Bananas is a romantic comedy about Amber, a broke temp working in a catering firm in London, who after one too many evenings scrounging free wine from wacky art gallery openings with her best friend Farrell, decides there’s no reason she can’t become a conceptual artist herself. A chance meeting with the wealthy, young art curator, Elliott Frinton-Smith, sets things off in a desirable direction. Now all Amber needs is a brilliant idea to grab the attention of the nation. Spray Painted Bananas explores love and ambition with the touch of the absurd and plenty of bananas. It is being published as THE TEMP by Harper Collins this SEPTEMBER 2014.
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Haha, my reaction to this line was "WTF YOU THINK YOU SET IT FREE?! FREE TO WHAT? FREE TO BE ORGANIC??????"
The conversation in the chapter seem so real. I can just imagine this book be a movie and making the characters be real and come alive, if that makes any sense
I like this sentence but I find no meaning of it being placed after the other sentence.
If I had a dollar for every time I saw a cat picture or cat video on social media, I'd be a trillion are. Nice use of cats here. I like.
That's kind of true. People have to do weird things to impress others. I like this sentence
wtf is one to do with a degree in tourism. thats like majoring in philosophy: completely useless

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