Spray Painted Bananas

'Spray Painted Bananas' is a romantic comedy about Amber, a broke temp working in a catering firm in London, who after one too many evenings scrounging free wine from wacky art gallery openings with her best friend Farrell, decides there’s no reason she can’t become a conceptual artist herself. A chance meeting with the wealthy, young art curator, Elliott Frinton-Smith, sets things off in a desirable direction. Now all Amber needs is a brilliant idea to grab the attention of the nation. Spray Painted Bananas explores love and ambition with the touch of the absurd and plenty of bananas.
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Farrell sounds so awesome :P Ghost sounds like someone I wouldn't want to hang out with though.
I did such a good job writing this I'm write good in watt pad but I suck in school
Liquid diet is a term to imply that they mostly drink booze, to the absence of everything else.   I thought that was a great first chapter.
I say it is great book I didn't even read the book but reading comments it is a great book
I couldn't stop laughing when i read the first chapter and found out that 'Farrell' is a guy. This is because i have a sister is called Farrell xx
That is literally one of the cutest book trailers I have ever seen in my entire life.

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