Murder Day and Other Subconscious Transcriptions: A Dream Journal

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Adam and Lois By Adam and Lois Updated 2 years ago
What happens when one day a year you can go out and kill anyone you please -- with no consequences? It's up to you, stay inside and wait it out, or go out and join the celebration.

Murder Day was my first dream turned short story, it inspired me to transcribe more of my subconscious wonderings and share them with you all. Some are frightening, some are sad, and maybe some day there might even be a happy one or two?
first i love this book second your subconscious is messed up.
From your description it sounds pretty much like 'the purge'
Such a creepy and dark idea, yet intriguing and unique. Some nightmare! Hah, great idea, and I'll be sure to take a peek at the novel as soon as I can.
fucking great, keep doing what you do.  you're my inspiration on here.
I love the idea for this, I haven't read the full one yet but I will soon.
I really love your works! Keep it up and i'll be hanging around enjoying myself reading :)