Emblem 3 Imagines

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TacosCatsSloths By TacosCatsSloths Updated a year ago
Imagines about Emblem 3, requests are CLOSED.
MaddieCray13 MaddieCray13 a year ago
Hey. I requested mine in August... It's now January and I still haven't gotten it......
exoplanetkm exoplanetkm 2 years ago
Er... can I have an imagine of me and Wesley? and can I have keaton in it? please??? ^.^ thx if you can. my name is: Hui. short but anyways. :)
Emblem3xlove Emblem3xlove 2 years ago
Can I have one with Keaton or Wes? Idc which I just want 1 :)
My name is Stephanie
perksofwriting perksofwriting 2 years ago
Can I please have one with Keaton stromberg and my name is marycruz (:
_ayeedakotaa _ayeedakotaa 2 years ago
First of all.. For your first imagine, that was pretty good. Very creative too, haha. Gotta love that picture of Drew over on the side ;) I wasn't in such a good mood today, & this just made it waayy better. Thanks!