Berenice: The Lost Queen (On Hold)

Everyone knows the story of the infamous Cleopatra VII, but what of her elder sister, Berenice, the forgotten queen of Egypt? Follow her story as she begins as a young girl who only wishes to please to father to the most powerful woman in Egypt.
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@Aria_Rose :( you judged me! Pfft, I think it just shows how enthusiastic I was...
@Aria_Rose haha, woops.... Wrote thou instead of you :s haha..... (My autocorrect is so weird)
First historical fiction I've ever read on here and I totally love it ! I used to be so obsessed with Cleopatra! This is great!
@Aria_Rose OMG! i have the royal diries version right now i'm writing one based on that too! I'lll give you some facts later! bye!! :)
Whoa! That really grabbed my heart when Tryphaena grabbed ahold of Berenice and demanded answers from me.
Thank you for the dedication lol!  You have such great scenes here; I hope you advertise this around to have others read. It's a must read. :)

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