Berenice: The Lost Queen (On Hold)

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Aria_Rose By Aria_Rose Updated a year ago
Everyone knows the story of the infamous Cleopatra VII, but what of her elder sister, Berenice, the forgotten queen of Egypt? Follow her story as she begins as a young girl who only wishes to please to father to the most powerful woman in Egypt.
leila98 leila98 2 years ago
@Aria_Rose :( you judged me! Pfft, I think it just shows how enthusiastic I was...
leila98 leila98 2 years ago
@Aria_Rose haha, woops.... Wrote thou instead of you :s haha..... (My autocorrect is so weird)
leila98 leila98 2 years ago
This is really good (especially since it's historical fiction which is very hard to get right) and thou avoided describing her when she looked in the mirror! :) impressed and voted
GabriellaTorres GabriellaTorres 2 years ago
First historical fiction I've ever read on here and I totally love it ! I used to be so obsessed with Cleopatra! This is great!
chaos_flare chaos_flare 2 years ago
Wow, this is amazing so far! I'm impressed, and I'm loving it! You've done a great job with it so far, and while i don't know much about Egyptian figureheads (I was always terrible at history), You make this a very believable story! voted!
umademeink96 umademeink96 2 years ago
Super interesting story. I love historical fics because the good ones always have a distinct truth to them.

For yours it's this queen. Now I don't really know much about the subject so I don't know how much it true, but i love this!

Best of luck!