Berenice: The Lost Queen (On Hold)

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Nicole M. By Nicole M. Updated a year ago
Everyone knows the story of the infamous Cleopatra VII, but what of her elder sister, Berenice, the forgotten queen of Egypt? Follow her story as she begins as a young girl who only wishes to please to father to the most powerful woman in Egypt.
@Aria_Rose :( you judged me! Pfft, I think it just shows how enthusiastic I was...
@Aria_Rose haha, woops.... Wrote thou instead of you :s haha..... (My autocorrect is so weird)
This is really good (especially since it's historical fiction which is very hard to get right) and thou avoided describing her when she looked in the mirror! :) impressed and voted
First historical fiction I've ever read on here and I totally love it ! I used to be so obsessed with Cleopatra! This is great!
Wow, this is amazing so far! I'm impressed, and I'm loving it! You've done a great job with it so far, and while i don't know much about Egyptian figureheads (I was always terrible at history), You make this a very believable story! voted!
Super interesting story. I love historical fics because the good ones always have a distinct truth to them.

For yours it's this queen. Now I don't really know much about the subject so I don't know how much it true, but i love this!

Best of luck!