Charlie is in serious hot water. After a naked girl falls from the sky, lands on his lawn, and claims to be from heaven, his entire summer is flipped upside-down. This girl can talk to animals, fight like a ninja, and hear people's thoughts. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she's got the most gorgeous blue eyes this side of the equator and skin as soft as goose down. But she is on earth for one reason and one reason only: to save a lost soul left behind on the wrong plane. Charlie agrees to help her, but when her jealous partner shows up to speed up the process, things get tense for all of them. Can Charlie let go of the one thing that has ever made him feel worthwhile? And more importantly, does she feel the same?
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@xoxo________ Angels not angles. Ffs. Don't correct something if you're not correct.
Tane kinda seems like a female Thor, the way she talks so formally and has trouble understanding human customs.
Yeah, I can see Sophie Turner easily playing Tane, the way you've described her.
Okay.. So she fell from the sky... And you think she's drunk.... Okay then... Whatever you want to believe, Charlie.
i guess septars can do everything because all the colours mixed together in light terms is white.
*sips coffee in the morning and looks out the window * 
"oh look, a naked person "

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