Dragon's Treasure (Book 1)

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Maya_2011 By Maya_2011 Updated a year ago
Despite what the fairytale says, not all dragons are evil, not all knights are good and brave and the maiden is not helpless.

This journey begins with her.

The maiden, Olivia, is stumbling through a forest, lost after running away in a desperate attempt to seek life beyond her family’s demands. The dangers of the forest come upon her and she flees from a pair of hungry wolves only to find refuge in a dragon’s lair. 

The dragon, Kaden, is not the monster Olivia first thought him to be. After overcoming her initial fright, and not being eaten, Olivia discovers that the dragon has a gentle heart. 

Though Kaden cannot tell Olivia the truth of his curse, he welcomes her companionship, as she brings light to his lone and miserable life. Never has he dreamed that a young woman would be the one to start the change in him. While Kaden opens his heart to Olivia, their growing bond sets off events no one could predict. 

The Prince, Magnus, a self-absorbed knight disturbs their peace. On his quest to slay a dragon, Magnus and his men come across Olivia. When Olivia thwarts his unwelcomed advances, the prince turns towards her with malice and the dragon swoops in to save her. The cunning prince is not one to give up easily, thus Olivia and Kaden are soon trapped inside the cave with no choice but to face Magnus and his knights.

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JoyAugustina JoyAugustina 12 days ago
They're saying "exercise more". I know cause they tell me the same thing when i miss the bus that always comes early
DementedWolf13 DementedWolf13 14 days ago
I don't know. if you act like prey wolves can be provoked to attack and make chase. Especially if said wolves are territorial and sick. (wolves are my life lol. studies them for years)
DementedWolf13 DementedWolf13 14 days ago
its safe to say, I have only read a little bit, but I love this story so far <3
that_girl_in_black that_girl_in_black 22 days ago
Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!
that_girl_in_black that_girl_in_black 22 days ago
I can totally imagine her heart bursting out of her chest and bounding away then she runs after it shouting come back heart!! Can any one else imagine that? Please say yes.
angelina557 angelina557 a month ago
I wonder if he (the dragon) was a human cursed to be a dragon by someone for/ because of something.