Keeping a secret with Beau Brooks - Janoskians Fan Fiction

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samanthaaa215 By samanthaaa215 Updated 3 years ago
Samantha has a perfect life. She's got a great family, great friends but also..a big secret. She's dating Beau Brooks. When people start to find out, how will they react to this news?
Oh my it's been a year since you posted this, I really like it !
Please update! I have read these 2 chapters over 10 times again and again!!! Its so good xx
Update soon(: I love this book already and it's the second chapter(: I love Beau!!! He is so adorable!(: Loll... Samantha... Lol. I bet I would start laughing as well as her.
Haha the ice and salt challenge >w< Tried it before, and it buuuurns ;-; Anyways, good story so far! :D