To have and to Hold

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jayjay33 By jayjay33 Completed
What happens when feisty Rachel Crosby who helps out at a womans refuge, takes on Adam Maxwell a millionaire property developer, who wants to tear down their shelter  to make way for a big hotel.. she finds herself getting far more than she bargained for
CasandraKlund CasandraKlund a year ago
I agree with the person below. The start of giving a story a chance is in the first words and you have great ones : )
GeliSince94 GeliSince94 2 years ago
Good start was meaning to read this for some time but didn't have the chance and now am glad i started reading this story because i like where this story is headed;)
ihatetobeinlove ihatetobeinlove 3 years ago
i only read stories that have more than a million reads but they are mostly the same and i think i would find a new one and i read the description of this story and i luuurv it..
SandyThompson SandyThompson 3 years ago
i think she should show up with all the woman and children from the shelter. let him see first hand how many lives he will interupt. and let him pay for it. mauhahaha
BestSummerEver BestSummerEver 3 years ago
The start is promising!!!