Sold to the trade* (Watty awards 2012)

BOOK I Her past still haunts her....her past still wants to find her...but will her future change that? At the tender age of five Skylar was sold by her own parents to human trafficking. Sky's past is still haunting her to this day. Years later, she's trying to move on by trying to open up her heart to a millionaire...Who may be her mate. But her past still haunts her and her owner refuses to give her up.
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Starting reading was getting into it was really sad wat happened to her but werewolves. I thought this was about a girl getting over abuse
Holly Macaroni...I was like this *holding my breath in the first to 10 paragraphs...* woahhh really nice 4 thumbs up
This book is truly amazing and has definitely inspired you are a very great writer
Can't believe I read all this, went on to the second book and it's not finish. Total waste of my time
@CileneFarrell dont be to hard on her, it is difficult to get a book straightened out at first
Loved the start. The way you described the dream was startling, but in a good way. You had me on edge there. Loving this already :)

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