This is How I Disappear (Mikey Way)

Natalie starts at a new school and a boy catches her eye. The only problem: The 'boy' is her chemistry teacher, Mr.Way (Mikey). They become close (A little too close). What if someone finds out what's going on between Mikey and Natalie? They'll throw Mikey in jail for being with a student, unless the two can do something to get away in time...
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@B1ack0p5 I know! I can just feel the awkwardness of when she tells him that its Mikey. ^-^
aaah! i love this ;o; you need to update please <3 i love the fact that its about mikey, and that he is dating a student, its naughty ;)
Haha I talked to a teacher about Smashing Pumpkins and Iron Maiden was so cool cuz everybody at my school listens to Macklemore(:
PLEASE UPLOAD MORE!!!!!!!! As is fairly obvious for my fanfic I love Mikey! And I love your book! So Pleassssssssssssse update!!!
Okay I'm sorry but I'm slowly deteriorating inside because I need to know what happed next. Kthxbye.
Whoops. How much you bet that Frank's gonna ask, "The art teacher?" I just know it! :D:D:D

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