Deadly Kisses

Be careful with your first kiss, you never know just how dangerous it could be. Arianna was always the perfect girl with the perfect life.. until she had her first kiss. A kiss that was so poisonous; all of those who kissed her,died. But what if one day… she meets a guy who doesn’t die? What happens when she finds out she is a part of something so illusive and beyond the belief of humanity? It all ties together; A destiny. A curse. A second chance. But through it all… can she manage to fall in love again?
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Interesting ^^ Love it!
A defo for a vote from me! Can't wait for update >.<
I love the flow of your story. The description is spot-on and I like how natural your dialogue is :)
Oh, the plot is really interesting. So she is the bad and beautiful.. hm, I'm wonderign what is going to happen next. Update soon!
I think that this story is well written but you should just check you grammar a little, there are not many huge grammatical issues though. Good job! :D
This was really good, and interesting. Your vocabulary blew me away , and I was just hooked on this story from the first paragraph.

Good job! x

-Hallie c':

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