Book of Extremely Short Short Stories

This is a book that has all of my very short short stories :)
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@Monica4242 OHHHHHH, Okay, sorry it's just that I'm a bit OCD so I just can't help pointing that out and I've got this need to be factual everytime :D
this is sad): but very beautiful. the love of a mother and father(: but its sad non the less.
Trying hard to fight the tears lol....:(

Awesome story, aw, I love the Dad! And poor Kayla, she's going to grow up as an orphan...
Oh my gosh I have read this story multiple times and every time I do I get teary eyed. This is such an inspirational story
this is such a true story. i hope that you publish your books someday.i'll buy them all!!
Tis amazing. Cliche, Yet amazing. But every book is cliche (to me atleast. I always guesss the plot in like the 5th chapter :)

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