Undercover Summer

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Kitasand By Kitasand Completed
Hailie and her two best friends are headed to London for the whole summer. She is interning at her favorite magazine, when opportunity strikes and she gets a chance of a lifetime. She is to become Harry Styles personel assistant? Yup, and it's all so she can get the story on Styles and write her very first magazine article.
SashayMay SashayMay a year ago
I'm seriously obsessed! I love how you placed God in there and your writing is amazing! I love it :)
JoysOfYesterday JoysOfYesterday 3 years ago
I'm really good at making guys run away. Anytime they start flirting I start listing off random facts like the wingspan of a turkey and George Washington's birthday. I think scaring away guys is a true talent that should be perfected. Love the story btw. ;)
radbryana radbryana 3 years ago
Lol! Yes you have the ability to, but you haven't asked yet ;)
angellover254 angellover254 3 years ago
Awesome first chapter, but make sure to spelled out all words correctly, even if it's in text format....but other than that, good first chapter :D
Be3_Weird Be3_Weird 3 years ago
U should let Niall know that Eli is her son but so far so good :D
Lil_Ninja Lil_Ninja 3 years ago
I wld love to be Harry's assistant! But Niall's more :) haha