A Pleasant Surprise - Niall Horan fanfic

Sophie was living her dream, having the summer of her life in London. When she finally thought she had her whole life figured out she met Niall Horan from One Direction. But how will the small-town girl from Sweden cope with London and how will Sophie handle life in the spotlight?
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dammit.. i was waiting for  her to get switched with some other sophie or something like that. and then she'll meet Niall Horan and.. you get it:)
Holy. shit. I've wanted to go to England for 5 years and my mom would never let me go. I have to wait until I'm 21. :(
Omg this is by far THE BEST fanfic I have EVER read I've read it like 6 times it's amazing!!!!!
Det är så coolt att du är svensk och har fått så många läsare, den här historian är awsome, btw!:)
Det är sjukt häftigt är du är just svensk och har fått så här många läsare.. fortsätt med detta, det är suveränt, det du skriver (:
This was by far one of the best fanfics I have ever read! You are a great writer and I hope you continue making fanfics! I love niall <3

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