The Key To My Heart. manxman

Hello my name is Dylan, I was heartbroken,sad and pathetic.....I was straight back in High school,than he came along and turn my world upside down. He made me fall in love with him, only to break my heart and dump me for his best friend and its a girl..And now i have to see the one the made me realize i was gay and his wife at my High school reunion. Hello my name is Ash and i was The Jock,The popular guy,The rich guy.I fall in love with the most amazing guy in the world Dylan,I made him realize that he was gay deep way deep inside. Than the trajedy happened,i had to break up with Dylan,I will never forget that day,The next day i got engage with Maddie my best friend.. Im excited to see dylan at our High school reunion.Even if he still hates me,i want to tell him i love him and i never stoped..He holds the key to my heart.
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yeah he could have just told him the truth all those years ago instead of breaking the guys heart like an as5
I don't how many times have I read this story. It's great. I like Eddie. He's a true friend.
Well didn't see that coming lol, Aww they both still love each other, well I hope they get together in the end.
I love your story so far, you gotta love Eddie he so funny and caring. He is a real good friend.

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