A heartbreaking short about loving someone who's already into someone (or something) else.
ang sakit :(( masyado kasing absorbed tong si direk kay camera eh!
That sucks. That feeling when someone appreciates things more than the real.. =( aww.. nice story!
omg this is so different and awesome! I totally love the idea and you're such a good writer!
the vid gave me a whole different perspective, ang galing lang talaga ng wong fu, sayang ngayon ko lang sila nadiscover, anyways, ang gaganda po ng one shots nyo :DDDDD
@xmeimeix TRUE! XD Actually, Phil and Ted are cool, too. XDD Those videos where the three of them are together were really humorous. LOL. XDD
@xmeimeix Haha. Happened to me a while ago din po. Yung tipong, napa-stare ako sa laptop ko at nag-wonder kung ano nraramdaman niya pag kinu-curse ko siya because of its sloooow functioning. T-T
                                    & Wes is so great in making films. O.o