Birds of a Feather

Anastasia, the girl who is daring, but follows the rules. Madi, the girl who keeps it real and always puts a positive spin on things. Alice, the girl who never talks. These three girls find out secrets that they never even knew about themselves. Like the fact that they can transform into birds. They fly together, but will they ever be free?
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arranged has two r's, in the last paragraph it only has one. I really like your details, and the name Anastasia is so pretty :)
Awesome story! I, just came from the forum, and really like the story! Shall be reading on! :)
Nice story, it's cool how your writing in 3rd person, not many writers do that these days (: Great story!
I like how you are writing it in the thrid person. It's great, I really like the story :)
@SierraDelacore Yey! I'm happy you accepted me as your friend... Anyways, Anastasia is beautiful! SIMPLE but at the same time... kind-faced... ^__^
This is a good idea but your paragraphs are a bit choppy. Adding some transtitions would be an easy fix

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