The New Type Of Shape Shifter

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Blackwolf13Kaz By Blackwolf13Kaz Updated a year ago
Karen has had a bad start in life now that she has moved to la push in a secret house in the forest, she has to face her fears of talking to people, & also come face to face with what she wanted when she was five year old.she also has to try and keep this new type of shape shifter to her self and also Amy her best friend help her through her fear of people (thanks to her farther) as well as the Quiluete tribe who makes things worse but then to Amy surpirse thinks start turning around for karen.
DragonsBane22 DragonsBane22 5 months ago
Ok so question. Is this a spin off of twilight? I mean half of the characters have the same names. Dont get me wrong it is sooo good. Just an honest question
unknown1121 unknown1121 11 months ago
hey love this book so much please comment on my book different
Karenrebeccavl Karenrebeccavl 2 years ago
Omg! My name is Karen and my best friends name is Amy and we are a lot like the characters except I'm very loud and Amy is the quite one