L.E.A.P.: Alpha

He awakes in a cold stone room with over thirty other people. They don't remember what happened. Not only that, they don't remember anything else. In a world full of dangers, follow Mark's adventure to regain his identity, unravel a mystery, and to end a disaster. From James_Janzen comes L.E.A.P.: Alpha, the first book in the L.E.A.P. series - and a Science Fiction adventure you won't forget.
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Hey. I dont think you should do dat. Your story is really good. And it should be done for your own enjoyment.
I'm thinking alien experiments or something lol Great work! It's creeping me out haha
@James_Janzen haha - that's funny and you can. Write that is. No probs. Glad you liked it.
So well written. Scary, and i feel so bad from your main character.  congratulation for reaching #14 with this
this held a poetic tone. Your writing style demands emotions from your readers. well done
Oooh this is really good. I like all the questions, it's very philosophical, very good start!

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