L.E.A.P.: Alpha (Being rethought/done)

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James Janzen By James_Janzen Updated 3 years ago
Note: Please please please do not read this, it is being completely rewritten. Thanks.
    He awakes in a cold stone room with over thirty other people. They don't remember what happened.  Not only that, they don't remember anything else.  In a world full of dangers, follow Mark's adventure to regain his identity, unravel a mystery, and to end a disaster.  From James_Janzen comes L.E.A.P.: Alpha, the first book in the L.E.A.P. series - and a Science Fiction adventure you won't forget.
Like holy crap dude that... That... That... Idek what that was but it was unbelievably amazing.
Sounds good so far!
                                    The description confused me a little but for me that just makes it more exciting because I don't know what is going to happen!
Hey. I dont think you should do dat. Your story is really good. And it should be done for your own enjoyment.
@James_Janzen Hm, the most recent one. The one about getting up at night to get on wattpad? :) It was so well written! And I could totally relate to it :]
                                    You only started a year and a half ago? Seriously? Wow! I'm so impressed! This is amazing!
                                    You're welcome :)
Wow! This is amazing! I read your little story on you About Me page, and knew I had to check out your story. Let me tell you, this was worth it! How do you write like this? It's incredible! I absolutely loved this :) Great job!
Wow. Very deep. Reminds me of a darker version of Sophie's World.