L.E.A.P.: Alpha (Being rethought/done)

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James_Janzen By James_Janzen Updated 2 years ago
He awakes in a cold stone room with over thirty other people. They don't remember what happened.  Not only that, they don't remember anything else.  In a world full of dangers, follow Mark's adventure to regain his identity, unravel a mystery, and to end a disaster.  From James_Janzen comes L.E.A.P.: Alpha, the first book in the L.E.A.P. series - and a Science Fiction adventure you won't forget.
morge13 morge13 7 days ago
Like holy crap dude that... That... That... Idek what that was but it was unbelievably amazing.
Tailish Tailish 13 days ago
Sounds good so far!
The description confused me a little but for me that just makes it more exciting because I don't know what is going to happen!
spooky786 spooky786 2 years ago
Hey. I dont think you should do dat. Your story is really good. And it should be done for your own enjoyment.
slantingwillow slantingwillow 2 years ago
@James_Janzen Hm, the most recent one. The one about getting up at night to get on wattpad? :) It was so well written! And I could totally relate to it :]

You only started a year and a half ago? Seriously? Wow! I'm so impressed! This is amazing!

You're welcome :)
slantingwillow slantingwillow 2 years ago
Wow! This is amazing! I read your little story on you About Me page, and knew I had to check out your story. Let me tell you, this was worth it! How do you write like this? It's incredible! I absolutely loved this :) Great job!
Soniador Soniador 2 years ago
Wow. Very deep. Reminds me of a darker version of Sophie's World.