The Kill

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mNmL0ver14 By mNmL0ver14 Updated a year ago
Dealing with obsessed guys from your past couldn't get worse than this.
RainWhisker RainWhisker a year ago
Shit that was so intense and creepy at the same time! I think that this was definitely worth all the hours you spent writing. Really powerful and leaves gaps so that readers can try filling them. It's really great.
parisloves_1D parisloves_1D a year ago
I have a question , were u put in jail when your parents came home and saw them ?
sour_sweet12 sour_sweet12 2 years ago
This was amazing!! Actually amazing would be a understatement. It was extraordinary, riveting and exhilarating! I've never EVER read anything like this before!
SupaRare SupaRare 2 years ago
This is so amazing! Riveting, sad, thrilling, and scary all at the same time!
Keep up the good work.
monsterface13 monsterface13 2 years ago
i cried when she started talking to her brother at the end........ it was sad......   but i love the story......    :)
Shaz101 Shaz101 2 years ago
This Was Absolutely Amazing! I Read It In One Go, I Couldnt Stop! :D xxxxxxx