Beginnings - The start of Hunted.

Sometimes you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Liz meets the right guy, but at the wrong time, and it's going to start a chain of events that'll change her life and her sense of self forever. Elizabeth, a full time student is more used to living on those awesome noodles than on healthy food. A bit chubby. Hasn't dated anyone. Also hasn't had a haircut in a few years, except for one terrible attempt at doing it herself and a hairdresser's repairs after, because she just wants to save the money.She's got no clue about werewolves or ...well, any of that stuff, except she does believe in UFOs. She wins a cruise between New York and London, jumps on a plane the second she can, and ...well, things aren't going exactly to plan. There's one hell of a gorgeous guy though that keeps following her around New York... The short romantic thriller about how Nick and Anne/Liz met, before Hunted, and the events that led up to it.
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The dedication was sweet ^.^

And i loved your story, I really feel sorry for Liz, trapped in that situation. I hope Nick makes everything better! :)
hahahahaha I really loved this. I'm super glad you decided to do this and show us how they met.

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