When Two Hearts Meet (Brightmore #2)

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Ashful By Ashful Updated a year ago
Captain Cole Stanley was a man bound to the sea and lands beyond the stifling industry of London. There was no space in his busy lifestyle for a woman, especially not a prim little miss like Oriana Brightmore. Yet despite her shyness, there appeared to be an underlying wit and spirit to her personality that Cole begins to find irresistible. 

 Oriana always thought that her future-husband should be charming and even-tempered; none of which belonged to Captain Stanley- the odious guest residing with the Ashcroft's for a short spell. Although the obnoxious man vexed her beyond reason, he also may just be her only solution to finding a man who will want her- one that was currently on his way to the Americas.
honeybee1221 honeybee1221 11 months ago
oh wow...this ia just soo me!
like i wud certainly want dis kinda guy;)
jemstones88 jemstones88 a year ago
lol! of my list my mate only had one thing off my pre-marriage list and that was he has dark hair lol!
JessMA77 JessMA77 a year ago
I should have voting all along or something...I read the first and loved it...will there be a third and when?
nandithabharath nandithabharath a year ago
hey ....its been sooo long since last update....update please
leasa26 leasa26 a year ago
I really enjoy your stories. I noticed as everyone else has that you have noy updated another wonderful story. hope all is well and you get a chance to add an update for us...hanging on :)
sapntx sapntx a year ago
Maybe I should ask if all is well with you? I certainly hope so!!!!