100 Things (AND MORE!) To Do In The Hunger Games~WATTY AWARDS 2012

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    So just a bunch of random FUNNY things me and my friends made one day at lunch. Enjoy!
Omg this is bloody amazing I haven't gone crazy from this book yet but that's probably cause I'm crazy already
Is this a reference to The Westing Game! Lol weird book… I loved Thrtle
nah i would just name it love and watch people fall in love 
I read this all before... but I just had to read it again!!! This is terrific! I got quite a few laughs from repeating this too!
I don't know if you meant "tacos" or "nachos" but either way it sounds good to me
Oh my goodness!! THE WESTING GAMES!!!!  literally, I was taken so off guard. Like Uncle Sam needs to chill