Freelander - Celestial Children Trilogy Book 1 (Rough Draft)

Abby Freelander felt insane. After all, it's not normal for animals to talk. But that’s exactly what happens when a stray dog warns her to flee a harmless-looking fog. From animal telepathy to meeting the eccentric and gummy-bear obsessed Josh Ewah, Abby starts to realize there’s more to her life than she thought. Hunted by a shape shifting mad-man named Khail and guided by the mysteries surrounding the Ewah family, Abby is drawn into a world beyond her wildest dreams. Along with Josh’s best friend, Vanessa, Abby is pulled through a fog created by a magic rift. They travel with a mysterious wood nymph, Terrick, who seems to know more about Abby’s fate than he lets on. Danger lurks around every corner as the answers begin to unravel. Animals continue to say her arrival is the sign of the Noble Ones re-awakening and her fate was pre-destined. While Visions of a prophecy involving Josh plague her dreams, Abby must come to grips with her new reality before it’s too late. Being insane would have been a lot less complicated.
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Get your optometrist on it, Abby, he'll convince your parents if he's anything like mine. Or she, but whatever
Ha! I love the beginning, such a great sense of character with the way she talks about her name.
ok I have to admit I am curious as to why her locker was stuffed full of bacon and sausage....
@Prisim  Goodnight my bunny companion! Let your dreams be filled with unicorns and rainbows!
@Prisim T_T Owls ... 

HOW DID YOU KNOW? Owls and Unicorns and Talking Animals? Nice ... Looking forward to Owls and Unicorns in the future ...
@Prisim  UNICORNS?! OOH YES! THERE'S GONNA BE UNICORNS IN IT! They're on the cover. :)

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