Hidden in the Castle

After a childhood filled with ease, it was finally time for William to become who he was meant to be, who everyone expected him to be. He was ready, ready to learn what he should have as a child. There was only one problem. Someone did not want him to be the next king, and that person would do anything to keep him from gaining power, no matter who got in their way. (Cover by Platypus1987)
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Wow... what a way to start. I approve of her for Will :P In all seriousness I love Will and was quite worried about his belle, but I like her very much.
Love this story! By any chance are you a fan of Once Upon A Time? Coz I'm one too. =D 
I love Once Upon a Time... good book cover Platypus1987. You did good. This looks like a pretty good book by the way... keep it up!
I love this chapter, I admire you work so much, no joke your one of the best writers on here. Love a good faint :D
I love it. I'm going to read everything right now, my homework can wait a moment
@shelbylw03 Well I love the characters too, and you can never babble too much lol!

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