Knowing You're There

Xylia Thomas has always been rejected. Called a freak, a monster, and an outcast, because of one problem: she's blind. With little company except that of her guide dog, she longs to find love, although she has little hope. That is, until the new kid in school finds her. Even though she can't see him, the two fall for each other instantly. Just when it seemed like hope was lost, Lia has found a best friend, band mate, and soul mate. But is it really "true love" or is he just using her for the sake of the band?
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I love it. I like her name, it's a mouthful to say but at the same time it's not. I love how descriptive you are and it actually feels like I'm in her shoes.
Wow this was really good. Definitely unlike any story I've read on Wattpad. Thanks for the read!
I love unique stories like this, thats what made me want to start reading this. I am already sucked in from the start and know i have to keep reading.
i really like the name of the character,you have an amazing way in writing and i really like the start :)
Im far good story and writing.
Its difficult to write a blind persons pov..good job doin that
I love your writing style, so full of description...and no mistakes. Rare on wattpad. lol.
I like the name Xylia too.

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