Powerless (On hold)

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DeepDive By DeepDive Updated 2 years ago
A world on the brink of greatness and peace is overcome by the evil of one man. Standing against him and all other evils are the few lucky to be born with super powers. But what happens when all of the heroes are defeated and the only hope left is a teenager who has no powers?
Thatonebronsen Thatonebronsen 2 years ago
Its pretty intresting. I like the way its broken down. A different spin to the classic superhero story.
Lanbobyonson Lanbobyonson 2 years ago
I'm doing all the things the site is telling me to so I'm gonna add to library, vote and comment on this story. I'ma read it too, I like what I've read.
Lace_V Lace_V 2 years ago
This looks promising!  Voted, hope to read the next chapters soon!
firestar4ever firestar4ever 2 years ago
I was told about your writing thing. I read, fanned and voted❤
RightH3R3 RightH3R3 3 years ago
Very well written! I could visualize everything clearly. Keep up the good work.
Andrew_Mosier Andrew_Mosier 3 years ago
I like the style.  Quick breaks of fragmented sentences to emphasize a point.  Nice indeed.