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A Pirates Kiss  (1st Adventure Watty Awards 2011)

A Pirates Kiss (1st Adventure Watty Awards 2011)

35 parts / 207 pages, updated Nov 29, 2011VideoPicturesCompleted
It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates. Circe's Father has always told her so. So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes ap... read more
5,726,266 reads votes 131,953 comments 19,983
The Girl behind the Throne

The Girl behind the Throne

40 parts / 167 pages, updated Aug 11, 2011VideoCompleted
its hard being the secret best friend of the next king, for Tess and James their friendship spanning twelve years changes when Tess comes back from the boarding ... read more
6,567,077 reads votes 69,402 comments 7,779
House of Cards

House of Cards (No longer available)

1 page, updated Nov 10, 2013Video
[COMING EVENTUALLY] When the beautifully eccentric and odd Azalea Levesque disappears mere days before her high school graduation day, Mara Horton and her boyfriend, Grays... read more
4,086 reads votes 127 comments 58
Waist-Deep In Walmart

Waist-Deep In Walmart

25 parts / 155 pages, updated Jan 08, 2012VideoPicturesCompleted
"As I sat on the toilet, I realized how badass I was being. First of all, I (kind of) broke into Walmart; Second, I was (kind of) plotting to steal toilet paper;... read more
8,602,114 reads votes 162,041 comments 52,987
The Before

The Before

25 parts / 7 pages, updated Nov 22, 2013
Before vampires began devouring humans; before the surviving teenagers were rounded up and harvested for their blood; before all of that there was a time simply called The Befo... read more
1,895,383 reads votes 17,048 comments 2,262
Biker Girl

Biker Girl

18 parts / 33 pages, updated May 27, 2011
Alicia Smith is not your average girl. She's a streetfighting, biker girl. When she goes to yet another new school and see's some old friends something tells her its gonna be di... read more
144,042 reads votes 2,092 comments 157
Under the Influence

Under the Influence

19 parts / 150 pages, updated Apr 15, 2013VideoCompleted
Charlotte “Charlie” Crawford is practically the definition of a nerd. She gets extraordinary grades, works at her family’s comic book store, and most importantly, she ... read more
702,080 reads votes 18,076 comments 2,890
Seven Mistakes {Completed}

Seven Mistakes {Completed}

51 parts / 92 pages, updated May 24, 2013VideoPicturesCompleted
Seven has been in my life since I was little. He was my childhood crush and my best friend's brother. I never dated Seven, maybe, it was because I was nerdy and no... read more
606,096 reads votes 12,839 comments 1,029
Play With Me

Play With Me

5 parts / 8 pages, updated Sep 02, 2013
Walden and Marina are playing a dangerous game and only one will end up on top. Her finger's went through my hair and she licked her cherry red lips and moved closer to me an... read more
10,936 reads votes 147 comments 24
The Makeover

The Makeover

55 parts / 137 pages, updated Feb 16, 2013Completed
Ugly. That's what she was. And then a year later, she's stunningly beautiful. Beautiful is an understatement actually. What do you do if the girl you teased is suddenly the ho... read more
10,492,393 reads votes 91,917 comments 15,449
Hate That I Love You

Hate That I Love You

35 parts / 133 pages, updated Aug 04, 2014VideoPictures
When two people have been best friends for all of their lives, nothing gets in the way of their friendship. Lexi Hales and Cole ‘Stark’ Pierce are those best friends. S... read more
45,452 reads votes 420 comments 92